Psalm of an undeserving son

Lay author Jonathan Fleming shares his innermost thoughts through the gift of poetry

Photograph by Jonathan Fleming

Psalm of an undeserving son

You have reached down from the heavens and picked me up out of the sea and have now placed me in a palace of peace; for that is the portion that you have appointed to me, my King.

How lovingly You remain eternally mindful of my well-being, seeking to lead me through the refreshment of the still waters of Your Word that I might be washed clean of even the sting of death.

I take deep breaths of Your presence, reflecting, reminding, reliving the memory of the moment You breathed life into me and I became a living flame, burning in tempo with the singing, all consuming passion made evident in the eyes of affection that have been fixed on me from eternity. The same eyes that see my sin and chose death on a tree over a solitary existence separated from a son selfishly lusting after lesser things.

Oh how beautiful Your love remains, as I remain in it, as the cup overflows with new wine and I dine among those who crave to drag me to the grave but are held back by grace shown in the face of a lion and lamb resting in the same space.

Yhwh, King of the living made alive by the sacrifice of Christ.
All glory to the King.

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