TheLayArtiste.com is a website for the laity, by the laity, with a mission to serve as a safe, creative outlet for thoughtful lay Christians, offering a supportive platform for artistic, intellectual, and linguistic expression – the intersection of art and Christianity.

What is the theological position of The Lay Artiste?

While the theological position of The Lay Artiste is orthodox Anglicanism, publication is open to all members of Christ’s body.

How is content chosen?

Some content is written directly by The Lay Artiste. Other content is written by guest contributors. While not all guest contributors are orthodox Anglicans, it is the Anglican way to appreciate the perspectives of other Christians, while holding firm on the essentials of the historic faith passed down to us by the Saints. Therefore, any content which contradicts the Creeds and other non-negotiable fundamentals of the historic Christian faith is not permitted on this site. Content published by guest contributors represents the beliefs of the individual contributors alone and may not reflect the position of The Lay Artiste. Depending on its media/form, content is chosen for its quality, thoughtfulness, contribution to theological debate or current events in the Christian world, creativity and expressiveness, etc.

Are contributors allowed to exercise artistic agency?

Yes! Contributors are given full creative agency over their work, layout, media, etc. published on this site.

How do I submit my work for publication at The Lay Artiste?

Submit your work for publication by emailing our administrator at TheLayArtiste@outlook.com.

If I submit my work, may I use a Pen Name?

Yes. Using a pen name, also called a nom de plume, has been an individual practice for a variety of reasons in many different eras.

What is The Lay Artiste’s policy on comments from readers?

This website offers a space for safe, thoughtful expression and encouragement. Therefore, readers are encouraged to comment on articles and other content published here at TheLayArtiste.com. Readers are expected to be gracious and respectful in both agreement and disagreement with contributors to this site and with one another. Comments are monitored. Disrespectful comments are not permitted and will be removed.